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Yes, I’ve created a new day! It’s called Tue-Wednesday! It’s the halfway point between Tuesday and Wednesday when I want to do something that should have been done yesterday but is being done today. Really if you don’t procrastinate I highly recommend it. You too will discover the joys of SuMonday, Tue-Wednesday, and many other occasions, including but not limited to, The Eleventh Hour, Dear God is that really the time?!, and sure I can knit all my gifts on Christmas eve. Delusion, denial and a deep seated optimism are the name of the game. Now onto the books shall we?

So this weeks Top Ten is about my Fall TBR pile. I’m not sure if I have an actual TBR pile, I know I have a TBFF (to be Friggin finished) pile. As I mentioned yesterday with the list of half ready books currently on the go. I will tell you the ones I’m looking forward to though, even if I don’t get to them this fall.

We’ll start with a couple of series I’m looking forward to:

10) Kinley MacGregor : Brotherhood of the Sword-MacAllister Series: I seem to be in the mood for bodice ripping, alpha male highlanders. Generally the historical inaccuracies bother me to no end, but if the characters are entertaining, these should be a fun read. I don’t think I’ll finish all 7 before the end of the year, but I’ll at least make a dent in the ones that look fun.

Master of Desire (Brotherhood/MacAllister, #1)Claiming the Highlander (Brotherhood/MacAllister, #2)Born in Sin (Brotherhood/MacAllister, #3)Taming the Scotsman (Brotherhood/MacAllister, #4)A Dark Champion (Brotherhood/MacAllister, #6)Return of the Warrior (Brotherhood / MacAllister's #7)The Warrior (Brotherhood/MacAllister Series, #8)


9)Maggie Sefton: Knitting Murder Mystery Series. I’ve already started reading Knit One, Kill Two, and I have to say I’m kind of hooked. The writing is a little limp but the descriptions of the yarnshop alone are enough to keep me reading. It’s like porn, people. I hope Kelly learns to knit. Something tells me she does. Also I would absolutely love to have a knitting group like the one in the book. Again I highly doubt I’ll finish all of these books by the end of the year but I’m looking forward to jumping in head first.

90187Needled to DeathA Deadly Yarn (A Knitting Mystery #3)A Killer Stitch (A Knitting Mystery, # 4)Fleece Navidad (A Knitting Mystery, # 6)Dyer Consequences (A Knitting Mystery, # 5)Dropped Dead Stitch (A Knitting Mystery, # 7)Skein of the Crime (A Knitting Mystery, #8)Unraveled (A Knitting Mystery, #9)

Cast On, Kill Off

8) Christopher Moore – These books including Fool, are definitely on my to finish before the end of the year list. Five books isn’t that bad, I just have to really get in the mood to enjoy the gigglefit these books tend to bring out.

Practical DemonkeepingCoyote BlueIsland of the Sequined Love NunSacre Bleu: A Comedy d'Art


7) 34504 Wyrd Sisters By Terry Pratchett. This is my morning walk/audiobook. I love the narrators they get for these books. They’re wonderful to read but to listen to them, well I would have to say I’m well spoiled for listening to any other audiobook. They’re fun, and I get swept up in them almost as much as if I were reading it.

6)21787 The Princess Bride By William Goldman. I’ve never read this, but I absolutely adore the movie. This is one of those that keeps getting pushed back to the next year, the next month. I think I’m going to have to really keep it on my list this time around.


5)The Last Wish (The Witcher) The Last Wish By Andrezej Sapkowski. I think I just really liked the title of this one, I’m not sure if it’s going to be interesting or if I’m even going to like it, but the premise looks cool and the cover is making me curious.

4)The Ship Who Sang (Brainship, #1) The Ship Who Sang by Anne MacCaffrey I read the Ship Who Searched a couple of years ago, it was wonderful. I really want to read this one, and any others in this series/collection. They’re different and the kind of Sci-Fi I really enjoy.

3) The Book Thief The Book Thief By Markus Zusak. My brother recommended this book to me, and I really want to read it, but the subject matter and the narrator tell me it’s going to not only be deep but potentially tragic. I think I’m going to have to squish this one between a Christopher Moore and a Maggie Sefton to handle it.

2)3437309-empire-in-black-and-gold Empire in Black and Gold By Adrian Tchaikovsky I swear I pick books by their covers alone sometimes. If it looks interesting I want to read it, I want to know why the author chose that cover, why the editor suggested it. What’s behind it. Why that title? I WANT TO KNOW. But generally I really just hope they live up to the hype the cover suggests. Here’s hoping?

1)400881 Shadows Linger By Glen Cook. Seriously The Black Company was awesome. Not your typical fantasy war novel and I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to read this book I just have to remember to pick it up when I finish the ones I’m reading.


So that’s it right now. Let’s hope I can post next weeks on Tuesday, yes?