So how much trouble can you get into with a couple of dice, a few friends, some paper and a pencil?


A lot.


Now there are enough blogs out there on the difference between role and roll. Most of them more eloquent than I am. Right now I’m just going to talk about my discovery of this wonderful hobby, and some games I’ve been involved in/run.

I was seventeen years old, just really figuring out my geek roots, I loved Star Trek, like comic book movies (even the bad ones), and was trying to find a niche in a group of friends. One Friday, a friends boyfriend brought over a bunch of books, a few scraps of paper, and a bunch of dice. Within an hour, I had the basic understanding of Thac0, a thief I was rather proud of, and a set of dice in front of me. For someone searching for a story, this was gold. All of a sudden I was a character that mattered, I had decisions to make that could kill me or my party. We were trapped in a dungeon and we had to get out alive. It was fantastic.

We never played that game again after that night, but it opened up a bigger world. Soon I was involved in other game systems, Science fiction worlds (Rifts), then horror (World of Darkness/Vampire), and then back into Fantasy with Dungeons and Dragons. By the time I got back to DnD it was into 3.5. Apparently I’m one of the lucky ones to have missed out on the debacle of 3.0’s ridiculous and often confusing rules. For example, everything is given a hardness rating, and based on 3.0’s rules a dwarf has a higher hardness than say rock or stone. Technically you could build a castle out of dwarves and it would be harder to lay siege to, than an ordinary castle.

I’m not really a fan of D&D’s 4.0 system, it’s less about the fun around the table and more about the online content and min-maxing your character. Give me old school gaming, Pathfinder really revamped the 3.5 system and it’s pretty much a group wide favourite.

Currently I’m gaming with a pretty steady group, collectively we’re known as the Nerd Nester’s, we game weekly at the Nerd’s Nest and it’s a mix of different games. Everything from board games to roleplaying, even video games. The resident Pathfinder GM is D. My cousin A, who doesn’t have a blog but should totally get one, is running a Star Wars campaign, D20, not saga, seriously. All non-gamers, trust me on this one. The only thing broken in d20 Star Wars are the Jedi’s and we’re not even going near them in this campaign. I’m playing a Wookie. It’s the first time I’m going to really be playing a nonhuman character, so this should be interesting. And by interesting I mean I might fuck up horribly! But it’s all a game, and we’re all going to have fun and laugh, and hopefully not derail the whole thing in ten minutes.

I’m the resident Story teller for most things World of Darkness. Perhaps it’s because I have a better grasp on the macabre, perhaps it’s because I’m the one that shelled out the $300 plus for the books. Who knows. I’m *secretly* working on a new campaign. I want to have it’s fleshed out and actually playable by January before I bring it to the group. Mostly because I have a habit of getting side-tracked and I am massively hard on myself for the tiniest little things.

There are four others that make up our core group. J who is the newest to gaming but nonetheless awesome gamer chick and wife of D. We corrupted her. It wasn’t that hard although she has denied her gamer status in the past. And it’s just occurred to me that initials are pointless when the three men in the group have names that start with the letter D!! Really I’m trying to figure out how that worked. D-1 and D-2 are the other two men in the group, D-1 will heretofore be known as the Ging, and D-2 will be known as bonus. Ging is probably one of the most awesome guys I know, and is my bestfriend, and the one who introduced me to Christopher Moore. An obsession I’ve taken to a seriously insane level. I’ve finished four of Moore’s book in the last month, that is a record for me people.

Bonus is A’s boyfriend and has brought his own geek cred to the group is actually the newest in terms of roleplaying. He will probably be just as awesome as J turned out to be, he just needs guidance young padawan. And to round out our group, a close friend, but not a regular at the gaming table due to work obligations, is C. Again, an awesome friend, but is kind of out of the gaming circle. We’re hoping to bring her back to the fold with Star Wars and show her the way gaming is supposed to be played. Cooperatively. Seriously C and I share gaming history and one of the groups we were involved in, was absolutely awful. Those campaigns were filled with Min-maxer’s, rule’s lawyers, and the dreaded, The Killer GM is a Cheating Bastard. (TV tropes what would I do without you?)

She just needs to get into an atmosphere where cooperative game play is actually cooperative.

So hopefully this little tangent of a blog post will kickstart a new part of this blog. Thursdays are game nights, and between Pathfinder, Star Wars and the as yet unnamed World of Darkness game will give you hours of enjoyment. Or Schadenfreude, whatever floats your boat.


I might also get killed by said nester’s when they find this blog. Who knows.