Knit One, Kill Two

Kelly Flynn is a Corporate CPA from D.C. who’s come back home to Colorado for her aunt’s funeral. She meets a wonderful group of women and a few men who help her not only come to terms with her aunt’s death but also help her solve a murder.

It’s a typical whodunit, a very quick read, 5 hours according to my kobo app. Generally these aren’t my type of books, I like mysteries but if I can figure them out before chapter 12 what’s the point?

This one however has a secret weapon. Every time I started to get a little huffy because I was figuring out the plot she’s slam me with descriptions of the yarn shop, or yarn. I can’t help it people, if you describe alpaca to me, I’m done. I wanted to be in that yarn shop, I wanted to be with those friends.

I have to say the friends Kelly made were nice, they had their own personalities that came through, and while Kelly has a bit of a Mary Sue vibe, she’s the main character. Besides I actually like the banter. It’s not really forced, although there were a few places that the author’s language choices had me stumped, such as “depend on it” instead of “count on it”. I assume this is regional, like a pop/soda debate, so aside from being a little odd, it wasn’t too bad.

A bonus is that you get a couple of knitting patterns and a recipe. I plan on using both. From what I can tell from this book it’s going to be true for the series, whatever Kelly knits you get to knit. The book passes the Bechdel test (more than two named female characters talk about something other than a man), the book doesn’t fall into the ‘I’m a romance novel disguised as a mystery novel’. Even though there is what feels like a potential love interest for books down the line. Which I’m kind of looking forward to. I’d rather several books looking into all facets of a characters relationship than just one.

Overall I give this book 4.5/5 stars, and would recommend it to almost everyone.