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It’s catch-up time, a way to give you guys an idea of where I am in my challenges.

So let’s start with the time travel challenge:

My Goal: 4-6 books

Novels Read:

Spell of the Highlander By Karen Moning
Kiss of the Highlander  By Karen Moning
Dark Highlander By Karen Moning
Immortal Highlander By Karen Moning

Doomsday Book by Connie Willis
Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon






  1. Crime/Mystery – TBR Knit One, Kill Two – Maggie Sefton
  2. Thriller – Relentless By Dean Koontz
  3. Romance – Spell of the Highlander by Karen Moning
  4. Fantasy – Miles and the Magic Flute by Heidi Cullinan
  5. Sci-Fi – Fluke or I know why the Winged Whale Sings By Christopher Moore
  6. Literary – Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove by Christopher Moore
  7. Young Adult –  TBR
  8. Historical Fiction – Lamb by Christopher Moore (it’s set during the time of Jesus, it totally counts)
  9. Dystopian – The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  10. Steampunk – TBR
  11. Comedy/Black Comedy – A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore
  12. Horror/Ghost Story – Bite Me by Christopher Moore
  13. Adventure –
  14. War –
  15. Gothic –
  16. Poetry –
  17. Drama –
  18. Kids – Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman
  19. Graphic Novel – Preludes and Nocturnes: Sandman 1 by New Gaiman
  20. Classic –
  21. Read: 11/20


    A A Discovery Of Witches – Deborah Harkness
    B Bite Me by Christopher Moore
    D A Dirty Job By Christopher Moore
    F Fluke By Christopher Moore
    H Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins
    I Immortal Highlander By Karen Moning
    K Kiss of the Highlander  By Karen Moning
    L Lamb By Christopher Moore
    M Miles and the Magic Flute By Heidi Cullinan
    O Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman
    P Preludes and Nocturnes Sandman #1 By Neil Gaiman

    R Relentless By Dean Koontz
    S Spell of the Highlander By Karen Moning
    Y You Suck By Christopher Moore


    I have read a total of 15 books this year, granted, this doesn’t include drops, abandons, tosses and general ughs. The total is a little higher if I include those. My currently reading pile is well, I’m almost finished: 11/22/63 by King, Dies the Fire is lamentably still at 78% on my kobo, I’m roughly halfway through City of Bones. I’ve started Strain by Del Toro, and I’ve metaphorically tossed the first two books of the highlander series by Moning across the room.


    My next post will be Top ten Tuesday. *kermit yay*

    and if you get that reference, I love you.




    • Challenge runs from January 1, 2012 to December 31st, 2012. You can join anytime.
    • Books from other challenges count as long as they are about time travel.
    • Books can be children’s, middle-grade, YA or adult fiction.
    • Write a post and link it below including the URL to that sign-up post.


    • Surprise Trip: 1 to 3 time travel books.
    • Great Adventure: 4 to 6 time travel books.
    • Fantastic Journey: 7 to 9 time travel books
    • Mind-boggling Voyage: 10 to 12 time travel books.


    Great Adventure: 4-6 Books

    • Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon (Book 4 in the Outlander Series)
    • Island in the Sea of Time By S.M. Stirling (Book 1)
    • Doomsday Book By Connie Willis
    • .
    • .
    • .

    Last Challenge I’m joining this year. At this rate if I don’t double up and use books for multiple challenges I’m going to have to read 52 books for the year. Doable but insane when you include life and knitting and possibly moving.

    12 in 12

    12 categories
    12 books
    12 knits
    12 Months

    Whoo boy.

    Rather than starting this in January in the flush of New Year’s Resolution and forget it for months on end I think I’ll start this now. This not only gives me until next October to help, but two months of grace should I need it.

    The rules

    – 12 books, and 12 knits per category
    – no less than 6 books per category
    – no less than 4 knits per category, the caveat here is a minimum yardage of 300 yards a project
    – I must give a book in question 2 chapters before it is tossed.
    – Re-reads do count, but there can be no more than 2 per category

    Onto the Categories

    Long Haul Knitting – Audiobooks/big projects
    Two Bite Brownies – small projects (200 yards or less), short stories
    C’est La Vie – Translated books/books from other countries/ Ethnic Knitting
    It’s all a mystery– Mystery novels/mystery knits (can also be test knits)
    Ruby Tuesday – Chick flicks, chick knits
    To Give is better than to Receive – Gift knits/uplifting novels
    Once Upon A Time – Fairy tales / knits based on myth/fairy stories
    I’ve got Chills – Horror and comfy knits
    The Way Back Machine – Historical novels and tradtional knits
    And 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 – Series! Combo knitting (must be at least mitts/hat combo, bonus points for scarves)
    Let’s All Go to the movies – Books that have been made into movies, movie inspired knitting
    Grab Bag– The overflow category

    Today is going to be behind the scenes, stuff. I set up a group on Goodreads, for those who wish to take part feel free to join. If you just want to use your blog, I’ll create a Linky to figure out those who are interested. Fill out the info below if you’re interested in joining me for a wild ride.