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Morning snowstorm by go174
Morning snowstorm, a photo by go174 on Flickr.

Morning snowstorm

They are a hit! by go174
They are a hit!, a photo by go174 on Flickr.

They are a hit!

Chicken pot pie #2 by go174
Chicken pot pie #2, a photo by go174 on Flickr.

Chicken pot pie #2

Mini pies. Batch 1 by go174
Mini pies. Batch 1, a photo by go174 on Flickr.

Mini pies. Batch 1


In less than two months the year ends and so do several of the challenges I joined. Let’s see how I faired this year.

I screwed the pooch on most of them, forgot what ones I was planning to read and ended up reading whatever I could get my hands on. I read about a eleven so far this year, with three more in progress. So far all of my books have been fantasy, I’ve been on a real fantasy kick this year, picking up Terry Pratchett and starting from the beginning of the Disc World Series, I’m actually jumping all over the place with the series. I finished colour of Magic, and Mort, I’m halfway through Hogfather, and I have Equal Rites on Audiobook.

I’ll have a new post to put up for next years challenge, I just need to work out the categories and how many my target is going to be.



It’s that time of year where the weather gets cold and I start knitting so much my index finger is permanently calloused. In September I knit almost a kilometer of yarn.I don’t have any pictures just yet, some of them need to be finished up, others need a good bath, general finishing stuff that I’m waiting for a day to do all at once.

Currently I’m working on a sweater. I combination of two top down raglans $5 in Paris and Wicked. I love love them both, but I really wanted to make the first one. I was just have a bit of an issue with sizing. I figured out based on my gauge I’d need a 232 stitches around the bust, but the increases from 5 in Paris would have made the shoulders huge. When I read over the Wicked pattern I ripped back to the ribbing and increased the frequency of my increases. I’m going to add the bust darts to this sweater and I think I’m going to do long sleeves with thumb holes for a nice change.



Seriously think this needs a post all it’s own. I think I might just create a page for a movie challenge for next year. Yeah.


Getting Healthy

So, I’ve started Weight Watchers. I don’t plan on preaching here, but since this is my blog you will probably hear a lot of crap when I’m craving or when I really don’t want to take the dog for a walk. I get weighed tomorrow, and so far I’m down 2.4, I don’t plan on really looking at the scale so much as going by how I feel. So far I’ve been on it two weeks and my stomach hasn’t been squirrely since. I count that as a good thing.


And now for random dog picture:


I get a treat for this right?

Day Three

At 2am I awoke to more pain and an inability to get any sort of sleep even after taking more painkillers. Finally  I got up, got dressed and called a cab to go to the ER. After waiting for three hours, I was given a stat dose of Pen V and Ibuprofen and sent on my merry way with a prescription for both. Now, some people may wonder why I didn’t get the good stuff? I’m experiencing nerve pain of any kind. What I’m feeling is best described as a golfball, lodged between my cheek and my jaw, just under one tooth. The pressure is what I feel the most. The pain is actually from the stretched gums, and whenever I bite down and inadvertently move said golfball. Painkillers of any kind, especially narcotics, well ‘won’t do shit’ other than knock me out. The Ibuprofen keeps some of the swelling at bay while the Pen V goes to work.


Now, here’s the kicker. I went to the Pharmacy today to put the prescription in only to find out that they’re completely out of Pen V in both pill and liquid form. They had to call the doc to change the scrip. In the interim mom and dad came home from New Glasgow after being stuck over night because of the snow storm that hit us this weekend.


So this leaves me with little to do, other than sit, drink tea, take meds on time, and perhaps knit. But first, since I’m on my official day three of Photo of the day, here’s a depth of field experiment and a recipe.



Pretzel Bites

These little balls of dough are absolutely heavenly. They’re not quite “pretzel” though. They’re missing a key step that I need to remedy the next time I make them. I found the original recipe on Get off your Butt and Bake. I altered the recipe, mostly because I don’t have any premade dough at home, so I made some of my own.

I made my pizza dough, cut it up into tiny balls, dropped them in boiling water for 45 seconds and baked them for fifteen minutes. They’re delicious with just  melted butter and salt, I’m sure they’re wonderful with cinnamon sugar. I have to adjust things slightly though because, like I said they’re missing that typical pretzelness to them. Baking soda.


5 tbsp in the boiling water should fix that up, maybe even four. They don’t need much more than a quick soak in it, but the baking soda is what gives preztels that softness and signature flavour. Now for my pizza dough, which is my go to dough for almost everything of late. It’s so easy I can make it in my sleep.


1 1/2 cups warm water
1tbsp traditional rise yeast
1Tbsp sugar
3 cups all purpose flour plus 1/2 extra for dusting (sometimes I add the extra half cup directly, it depends on how humid it is around here)
1tbsp olive oil
1tbsp sugar
1tsp salt.


Mix water, 1tbsp sugar and yeast in bowl and set aside to proof. Combine dry ingredients in large bowl. Once yeast has proofed pour into dry ingredients followed by olive oil. Stir with fork until combined then knead with fingers until sticky. Start adding extra flour a bit at a time until well mixed. Set aside to rise four about an hour until doubled in size.

Punch down, knead, then put back into bowl for second rise (30 minutes). This step is completely optional, but does give you a soft squishy dough to work with. Will make two pizzas, a batch of monkey bread, 12 pretzels, or 60 pretzel bites, depending on what you decide to use it for.. Could also be used to make rolls, calzones, anything you can think of. It’s so ridiculously easy, it’s not fit.


Now I need to get some sleep I’m exhausted and need to take another ibuprofen. I might knit later, if I feel up to it.


Not my picture for today, though the one requires a bit of a story. This was taken January 2, 2011. It was damn cold outside, but the sun was gorgeous and I wanted to take advantage of it so I could get a few clear shots of my yarn. My father was “yardman” the last two days. Basically he puts on a pair of shorts. Yes you read that right, shorts, in minus 8 degree weather with the wind chill, a sweatshirt, and his gardening gloves and plays in his garden. This is what he came up with. It’s pretty and aesthetically pleasing on it’s own, but the meaning behind it is something else.

Since 2008 my father has lost both his brothers to cancer. Both lived away during their illness, and I can only imagine the helplessness my father felt during the last two years. Each statue represents a brother, a memory never to be forgotten. I was lucky with the sun. I didn’t plan the composition at all. Dad just asked if I would take a picture so he could send it to his sister.


A week later this is what our backyard looks like. It’s it buried under ten centimetres of snow. I didn’t even brave the cold today except to get painkillers this morning. I seem to be saddled with an infected tooth. It is driving me nutty. I need to go to my dentist tomorrow morning or if I can’t sleep the ER tonight sometime and get some relief. I think I can make it to the morning. Right now, I think I’m going to make another pot of tea, settle down on the couch and watch some TV, and knit. I know technically this is my writing blog, but I can’t thing of anything writing related at the moment other than what I wrote above. I blame the painkillers.