Moby-Dick (Enriched Classics Series)

Two weeks before the beginning of grade five, we went school shopping. On break from looking through miles of pen aisles and Hilroy scribblers, we stopped in at Coles. I was looking through the displays at the front of the store and found a new section of pocket classics. They were these tiny versions of classic novels, all neat and perfect and thick enough to look intimidating. I don’t know why I picked up Moby Dick. I can’t even tell you, I think I just grabbed because mom said we were leaving and if I wanted something I had to pick fast. I brought it home, and forgot about it, it ended up in my bookshelf hiding under a few picture books I still had hanging around.

Grade five was the year of book reports, and I had no idea what to pick so when I got home I went through my bookshelf and Moby Dick fell out. It seemed cool. And hey, it was small, so it had to be short. Double bonus.

I know now it wasn’t a short book, nor was it a book I completely grasped at the time, but I did get swept away in the adventure of it. Ishmael intrigued me, but I was more interested in Queequeg,  I kept reading to find out more about him. And then Ahab started taking over the story, and I remember being so angry that was that stubborn to destroy himself and everyone in his path just to kill the way.

I can’t remember the book report I wrote for it, but I do seem to remember it fondly. Aside from a few scenes I largely forget the book. But I know I’ve never seen the movie, so what I do remember is completely from what little I remember when I read it, over 20 years ago.

Day One

Day Two