Granny WeatherwaxAnd so kicks off the 30 Day Book meme!

This is a harder question than I thought. If an author is particularly good I can identify pretty easily with a lot of different characters. From Jane Eyre for her plainness and fierce intelligence, to Claire from the Outlander Series, not only for her profession but for her loyalty and her intelligence and resolve.

So it comes down to intelligence I think that’s key. And while Esme Weatherwax has her own way of doing things, she’s certainly intelligent. She’s sarcastic and droll and so very fun to read. She knows what she knows and no one is going to tell her otherwise. I first met her in The Sea and Little Fishes short story from Legends Anthology. I liked her immediately.

Overall I found her obstinate, contrary, funny, and wonderful.

Currently Reading: Equal Rites

P.S. This is so much shorter than I intended, but I plead, headache, and early shift in the morning, and hey, Supernatural is on!. Bye for now!