12 categories
12 books
12 knits
12 Months

Whoo boy.

Rather than starting this in January in the flush of New Year’s Resolution and forget it for months on end I think I’ll start this now. This not only gives me until next October to help, but two months of grace should I need it.

The rules

– 12 books, and 12 knits per category
– no less than 6 books per category
– no less than 4 knits per category, the caveat here is a minimum yardage of 300 yards a project
– I must give a book in question 2 chapters before it is tossed.
– Re-reads do count, but there can be no more than 2 per category

Onto the Categories

Long Haul Knitting – Audiobooks/big projects
Two Bite Brownies – small projects (200 yards or less), short stories
C’est La Vie – Translated books/books from other countries/ Ethnic Knitting
It’s all a mystery– Mystery novels/mystery knits (can also be test knits)
Ruby Tuesday – Chick flicks, chick knits
To Give is better than to Receive – Gift knits/uplifting novels
Once Upon A Time – Fairy tales / knits based on myth/fairy stories
I’ve got Chills – Horror and comfy knits
The Way Back Machine – Historical novels and tradtional knits
And 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 – Series! Combo knitting (must be at least mitts/hat combo, bonus points for scarves)
Let’s All Go to the movies – Books that have been made into movies, movie inspired knitting
Grab Bag– The overflow category

Today is going to be behind the scenes, stuff. I set up a group on Goodreads, for those who wish to take part feel free to join. If you just want to use your blog, I’ll create a Linky to figure out those who are interested. Fill out the info below if you’re interested in joining me for a wild ride.