In less than two months the year ends and so do several of the challenges I joined. Let’s see how I faired this year.

I screwed the pooch on most of them, forgot what ones I was planning to read and ended up reading whatever I could get my hands on. I read about a eleven so far this year, with three more in progress. So far all of my books have been fantasy, I’ve been on a real fantasy kick this year, picking up Terry Pratchett and starting from the beginning of the Disc World Series, I’m actually jumping all over the place with the series. I finished colour of Magic, and Mort, I’m halfway through Hogfather, and I have Equal Rites on Audiobook.

I’ll have a new post to put up for next years challenge, I just need to work out the categories and how many my target is going to be.



It’s that time of year where the weather gets cold and I start knitting so much my index finger is permanently calloused. In September I knit almost a kilometer of yarn.I don’t have any pictures just yet, some of them need to be finished up, others need a good bath, general finishing stuff that I’m waiting for a day to do all at once.

Currently I’m working on a sweater. I combination of two top down raglans $5 in Paris and Wicked. I love love them both, but I really wanted to make the first one. I was just have a bit of an issue with sizing. I figured out based on my gauge I’d need a 232 stitches around the bust, but the increases from 5 in Paris would have made the shoulders huge. When I read over the Wicked pattern I ripped back to the ribbing and increased the frequency of my increases. I’m going to add the bust darts to this sweater and I think I’m going to do long sleeves with thumb holes for a nice change.



Seriously think this needs a post all it’s own. I think I might just create a page for a movie challenge for next year. Yeah.


Getting Healthy

So, I’ve started Weight Watchers. I don’t plan on preaching here, but since this is my blog you will probably hear a lot of crap when I’m craving or when I really don’t want to take the dog for a walk. I get weighed tomorrow, and so far I’m down 2.4, I don’t plan on really looking at the scale so much as going by how I feel. So far I’ve been on it two weeks and my stomach hasn’t been squirrely since. I count that as a good thing.


And now for random dog picture:


I get a treat for this right?